We plan to open under the following conditions:

- maximum capacity 50 people in the venue including working staff (normal venue capacity
was 100 people)
- each table will be 2 meters/6 feet apart.
- we will be accepting phone call reservations.
- we will display a sign stating the rules regarding the COVID-19 situation.
- there will be a hands-washing area at the entrance for customers and we ask all customers to wear a face mask if you have one.
- customers or workers that are sick or who were in contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms, or have concerns about health and/or safety will not be allowed into the venue.
- in the reception and payment area, we continually disinfect all surfaces and provide hand sanitizer to both workers and customers.
- we will be regularly cleaning all floors, bathrooms, kitchen and high touch areas to ensure that all areas are disinfected and fully sanitized.
- all customers are asked to stay in their cars or wait outside for pick-up orders. Customers will be notified by phone when their order is ready.
- between customer visits, we will be cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing the surfaces of
tables and chairs.
- workers will regularly check for COVID-19 symptoms and mandate a 14-day quarantine as needed.

Thank you so much again and we will be looking forward to letting you enjoy our delicious Thai food!

Mook Thai Restaurant.

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